Monday, September 22, 2008

The Tobes

The Tobes has a stuffed moose that she carries everywhere. She can't sleep without it. One night she woke Dalan up at 3am insistent that she had to go outside. Apparently she had left him out there earlier that day because she ran out grabbed him and jumped back in bed falling asleep immediately. Moose is usually accompanied in her mouth by at least one other toy sticking out the other side.

Usually Tobey's ears are slightly floppy, but sometimes when we are not giving enough attention to what she finds important at the moment she holds her ears straight up. She looks like some kind of bat or gremlin creature when she does this.

Tobey loves being held on her back like a baby. Around 9:00 every night she finally gets tired and crawls into one of our laps. Sometimes her tongue rolls out the side of her mouth in a dopey grin. This can go on for hours.

Tobey enrolled in a beginner puppy class at PetSmart. We would highly recommend this to anyone with a new dog. Most of the training problems were because of Mom and Dad, not Tobey. We had a great time in class and learned a lot. I think she is on her way to being an awesome pet. Intermediate classes start next month, I can't wait to enroll again!

I absolutely love my puppy, but she can be a handful. Definitely a great prep for kids one day, but I've got my hands full with Tobey and Dalan right now.