Saturday, April 24, 2010

BOOMERANG! You DO always come back!

I don't know how many of you care or have even seen the cast line up for The Last Airbender, but I am very very disappointed in Sokka.

Here we have a picture of the meat loving/boomerang throwing/sarcastic character.

And here is a picture of the guy they got to play him in the movie. I'm just not seeing it. (in case you hadn't noticed, Sokka is definitely not white). This guy has creepy vampire written all over him.

And here is who Dalan and I decided should be playing him in the movie. Not only does he look the part, he also can rock a mohawk.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


The scroll ball on my mouse has not worked for approximately 1 year. I have found tutorials online @ youtube such as this:

The only problem is, the tutorial moves way to fast, and I need to pause it so I can catch up. How am I supposed to pause it, when I've taken the apart the very tool to pause it with?

Oh, and also, I'm lazy. This is getting really really old. I guess I could just buy a new computer, one that comes with a Magic Mouse. Then there is no scroll ball involved, problem solved.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We are most assuredly creatures of habit. Today, when I went to my regular Student Center restroom there was someone in MY stall. This shouldn't be a big deal, but I actually rocked back and forth for an embarrassing amount of time before I decided my need for relief outweighed my need for consistency. I think I'll start to mix it up a bit. Tomorrow, I might even visit the upstairs bathroom, for something other than a good cry.

Friday, April 2, 2010

In just one sitting....

I could eat an entire bag of Lay's Kettle Cooked Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper chips. Not only do they cost more than a regular bag, the bag is mucho smaller, and the amount of chips inside fills about 30% of the bag. I am actually somewhat grateful for this, eating a bag in one sitting is only about 1/3 as bad as it sounds.

Oh and ps, its still worth the extra money, despite the lack of chips.