Monday, June 25, 2012

The Dad

There is a very tiny part of me that is slightly jealous with what I am about to reveal. Dude has already decided that Dalan is his favorite. I can talk/sing/read to him and he doesn't seem to notice, but anytime he is awake and hears Dalan's voice, that little punk will start kicking the crap out of me. At first this was just a small theory, but it has been confirmed multiple times. And although I am a smidgen jealous, more than anything I am so happy that our little one already knows and recognizes his dad's voice!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bedding Upgrade

About a year ago we finally conceded that two adults and two schnauzers was way too much to fit into a full-sized bed. We bought a queen mattress and frame and grabbed the cheapest comforter they had at Smith's to get us by, until I found the perfect bedding. Perfect bedding took a whole lot longer than originally planned and our clearance comforter mixed with our pillows from our old bed set we looking extremely sad. (Isn't it great how the comforter is the exact same color as the walls?!)

Apparently old nasty blanket is Scout approved.

I found tons of bedding I loved, but all of it was white, which just wasn't going to work with black dogs. Finally (more than a year later) I found a set from Macy's that Dalan and I could both agree on, and it arrived today!

It also came with two additional shams in a pillow shape I didn't even know existed, so we're not quite finished yet, but it feels so nice to have something new and pretty in my bedroom!
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Pretty sure everyone already saw it on Facebook, but here is our official pregnancy announcement photo.

We have named the fetus 'Dude' (Dr. is pretty sure its a boy). We are SO excited for this little one to join our family in November! Big fat post about our pregnancy journey coming soon.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh Scoutles

My extra special schnauzer has a knack for getting into things. We have a pair of carribeaners usually blocking her access under the sink. Sadly, I forgot to check it before I left for work this morning:

She will usually leave all of the other cupboards alone, but this must have been so much fun, she decided to invite the Tupperware to the party too:

Her most recent feat is somehow wiggling her fat body under our bed. I still have no idea how she fits. Once she gets under there she just stares at the backside of the bed skirt. She won't come out from her hidey-hole and I usually have crawl under the bed to drag her royal fatness out. This is already slightly problematic (and largely hilarious I'm sure) at 5-months pregnant. Not too much longer until I just leave her under there for good.

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