Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Stauffer Fam

This post starts off with a shocker, I went to Enrichment meeting. If you know of my past experiences with Relief Society, you'll realize what a big step this was for me. One of the women who I used to work with in the Nursery was giving a lesson on family history, and she guilted me into coming.
I've actually been thinking about getting into family history for awhile. My friend Heidi is religious about it, and she has some great stories. Also the show "Who Do You Think You Are?" makes me laugh. I think its funny how big of a deal they make on what seems pretty mundane processes to us mormons. Anyway, Enrichment meeting. We learned about the website, and when I got home Dalan was (of course) working in the garage. I decided to poke around and see what I could find. My direct lineage chart was missing a major link, none of my Grandmother's information was listed, so the entire Stauffer line was unavailable.
One quick call to my dad, and I discovered that my Grandmother's parent's were Glenn Harold, and Irma Irene. Just locating that small piece of information linked an entire line to my family.
The Stauffer line now goes back further than any of my other family lines, all the way to 1530.
Its pretty crazy, I assumed that all of my family history was mostly done, but in just 20 minutes I was able to add some information that helped complete this information for all kinds of relatives I didn't even know I had.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

S.O.S. (Save Our ..... Creative word that starts with an 'S')

I need some serious help. My front room is somewhat of a disaster. (Please ignore my photography mess).

The paint job doesn't look too bad, from a distance. Now that Dalan and I have actually taken the time to deep-clean that room we've noticed everything wrong with it (including all of the lovely paint on the ceiling, apparently the previous owners did not feel like using tape, and also the 1/4" nails that are sticking out from the chair-rail). We are up for a change, any change.

Drapes are also a must.
This is the area directly across from the front room, it is in desperate need also, I don't know whether I should match it, or make it it's own space.

The awesome green of my couches. I would have had a wall color picked out long ago, I just can't seem to match these bad-boys.
I only have 2 conditions:
1. The green couches stay.
2. I REFUSE to paint the walls tan. I've seen way to many speck homes with tan walls, and I am SO BORED by them.

I would love to hear any suggestions!

Spring Cleaning

I haven't started anywhere that matters, but I did do some serious damage to my desktop today. I wish I had taken a before picture, so you could really appreciate how squeaky clean this is. Just know, that there was not one spare space when I started. Not only did I get rid of all the clutter, I actually organized it into the appropriate folders. WOO! Now if I could only bring myself to start on the house :(

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crafternoon Prep

My sewing machine and I bonded tonight. I was able to make a ruffle shirt. As always I decided to just wing it instead of follow the instructions, but I don't think it turned out too poorly.
I started out w/ 2 Tshirts (I got them @ Down East for $5). I cut the sleeves off one (I basically couldn't bring myself to cut up a perfectly good shirt, but the ruffles would have worked a lot better if I had used the back of the shirt instead of the sleeves).
I then cut 2" strips. I was planning on this shirt having 5 ruffles, but with 2" strips I was only able to fit 3.
Then I sewed one line down the center of each strip, using the longest stitch available. Pull 1 of the 2 threads tight and work towards the center of the strip.
My hubby borrowed the camera at this point, but I then pinned each strip to the shirt and sewed, going over the loose stitch with a regular one.
Things I learned
The ruffles need to start out double as long as you want them in the end.
Be careful when using the reverse stitch, with the stretchy fabric the sewing machine can get stuck on one spot and cause holes etc.
This shirt looked a lot better on the tiny Asian chick in the tutorial.
This pattern isn't the best if you're busty.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I want to live here,

instead of here.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scout's Ears

Remember how I told you about Scout's "special" ears. Here is the proof. All of these pictures were taken in less than a minute, and I did not touch her once, they are this spastic on their own.

Its like a doggy mullet, business on the side a party on the .... other side?

"Did anyone see where I left my ear?"

This is the only time when her ears look almost proportioned.


I know its very likely that my love for my doggies is unhealthy, but look @ how stinkin cute they are. Scout (front left) had her first haircut today, and Tobey went along. I should have taken a before picture, they were both on the verge of hobo. I have now learned 2 things:
1. My dogs look creepy alike (especially when they are both staring at you and cock their head @ the same time), we are going to have to buy them different color collars from now on.
2. Scout's ears are freaking screwed up. We didn't get the docked like Tobey's because I didn't want to hurt her, so we assumed they would be normal floppy ears. Turns out her right ear is normal and floppy, and her left ear is pinched and folded to the side. It gives her a very "special" look, which is actually very fitting. She is definitely a very "special" girl, but we love her anyway.

ps if you click on the picture you can see the remnants of Scout's dinner. If you ever want to witness dog food carnage you should watch this puppy eat!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Anyone have sweet circus hookups?

We took a trip with the Morrills to St. George this weekend. We went hiking in Snow Canyon (pretty pictures coming later), and once the weather turned nasty we ended up driving around looking for homes that we could never afford. In one such home we met this man This beauty was from a Deseret News article published in 1978. Don't worry, he still has the same beard. Apparently he was a magician with Ringley's 30 years ago. After meeting Jack Hart I've realized how mediocre my life is, this guy started in Cache Valley, joined the circus, was the advertiser for Ringley's, Disney on Ice, and Monster Truck Ralley. Now he spends his time showing million dollar homes that he sells with his 2 brothers. I have found my new life goal, first I just need to discover my hidden juggling/tight-rope walking/contortionist skills and away we go.