Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thank Goodness I Married a Plumber

So we have had a few problems in our new house, thankfully the large ones have all been due to plumbing errors, and we do know a good plumber.  The newest has probably been the biggest pain. With all of the rain recently we decided to wait on the sprinklers, bad idea.  Turns out that we have several broken pipes, and now Dalan has no time to fix them.  Our lawn is getting browner and deader.  Dalan gets to manually run the sprinklers every night to try and help out a little, which Tobey finds interesting.  Apparently the water is trespassing on her lawn and she is out to teach it a lesson, the water always wins though.  So, so far we have a missing shower head, had 3 out of our 4 sinks spring a leak.  A broken valve to our washing machine.  A leak in the tub drain, and now sprinkler problems which results in water gushing out of random spots on our lawn, and now a gigantic hole right by the front door.  Welcome to the Hilton's.

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