Monday, July 14, 2008

In a Kiddie Tent

So we just had a fun weekend filled with camping and lots of food. We went up Logan canyon with Meg and Steve to an out-of-the-way campsite that many probably don't even know exists. I was a little peeved with Dalan at first when he insisted on driving up there because we had no idea where we were going. We roasted s'mores on Friday night, that we decided to go back Saturday night with our tents to stay for the night. Tobey was surprisingly well behaved and really seemed to enjoy all of the new smells around the campsite. When we returned on Saturday some family decided to be in our campsite, grrr. We drove around for about an hour looking for more, and we did find one within about 10 minutes, but that wasn't good enough for Dalan, after getting my car even more dirty than it already was we settled for the site from 50 minutes earlier. First thing we decided to set up, and now we come to the part where I dislike Trent right now. After rolling out our tent which we got from Trent for our wedding and had not used before, we realized that it was small, very very small. So small that Dalan examined the packaging and found "Ozark Kids" written in fun crayola writing on the front. Funny prank for Trent to play, maybe I would have enjoyed it if I had realized it before we were already out in the wilderness and not about to venture back to civilization to buy a new one. We already have a squishy enough night with Dalan, Tobey, and I on a full bed, imagine the three of us trying to sleep in a kiddie tent. After the claustrophobia wore off, I came to my senses and vowed to never go camping again, or to at least buy a new tent! Funny thing about all of this is earlier that same day Dalan tried to get me to let him buy a new tent, which I refused, since we hadn't even opened the one we had.

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