Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Desperate Times

Way too bored last Saturday night, Dalan and I found our way to Hastings. We wandered the aisles and noted their current promo (buy one used DVD, get the second for $1) and decided we needed to participate. After browsing the selections we found 2 Harry Potter movies that we didn't own for $5 and thought the night was a success, and then we spotted it, the golden gem of all movies, the movie that I asked myself "how in the world do I not already own this movie?!?!?!"

Thank goodness we immediately remedied the situation, and @ $22 it was a heavy price to pay, but so worth it!

Now I realized there is another movie on my must-have list. We are also missing The Emperor's New Groove. I imagine another trip to Hastings in our near future.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you have to get the "groove"! It's one of my all time favorite movies!

Larson Family said...

The goofy movie song 'Open Road' is a tradition for Hannah. When she is on a road trip to Disneyland she has to listen/sing to it. This year she and I sang it back and forth via walkie talkies, not pleasant on the ears, but alas tradition is tradition.