Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Disneyland Post, Finally!

Well, over a month later I finally decided to post the pictures from our trip to Disneyland. It was SO much fun! We will definitely only go in December from now on. There were hardly any lines, and it just got crowded in the evening for fireworks.

We couldn't find Dalan any Lightning Mcqueen sunglasses, he was somewhat consoled by these ears, and the news of Disneyland opening a new land called Radiator Springs, Dalan is now trying to get a job there so he can run the piping for Lightning McQueen.
It was decorated so cute. It was all decked out for Christmas and they thought of every little detail.

Since last time we went Splash Mountain was shut down, we had to give it a go. Even though it was December and we were soaked, it was totally worth it.
The haunted mansion was decorated after the Nightmare Before Christmas, it was awesome! I couldn't believe how much work they must have put into it.
One of the best parts of Disneyland, pineapple whip from the Tiki Hut. Mmmmmm!
Now I can't wait for our trip next year, we are totally going to wear sweaters even better than Goofy's.

We found the entrance! Don't worry I'm not drunk from going inside, just drunk from envy.

Toystory Mania is the best ride ever!

Dalan inspected Mickey's house. The water heater wasn't quite up to code, but he looked the other way considering it was Mickey.

Disney made it snow every night (I think with bubbles). Can't you see it behind us? Me neither, but trust me it was there.
Pretty Castle!
Dalan warming up for the run to Toy Story Mania, we had to beat all of those seven year olds.
Only a five minute wait, guess the warming up helped.
This is us, sad that the magic of Pirates was ruined. We got stuck for 45 minutes, and then they turned on the lights in the "sky." Jeff the workman had to get in the water and push our boat back to a point where we could evacuate.

We had so much fun! If anyone wants to join us next year we're game. Or maybe even a trip to DisneyWorld.

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