Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I get migraines regularly. Thankfully I'm blessed with aural migraines, so it is usually not a big deal. I can feel the migraine coming about an hour before it hits, and can medicate in plenty of time to avoid it. Sometimes, when I get tired, I can't think reasonably and I don't realize that the fact that I can't see well means a migraine is coming. When I have to take my medicine in a rush, I also have convinced myself that eating non-stop will help prevent it. If I actually think this through, I come to realize that it is probably more to do with giving the medicine time to work, rather than the massive amounts of food I've consumed. In a headache stupor today, I conveniently forgot this logic, and ate a whole box of cheez-its before the pain subsided. The only problem now is the massive cheez-it induced stomach ache.

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thelandofunfinishedprojects said...

oh my heck, I have the same problem! every time I get a migraine, I eat, it's like the migraine hits the spot in my brain that makes me need food.