Friday, June 24, 2011

Nerdy Alert

So I am an absolute nerd. I didn't quite realize it until a few years ago. Thank goodness I married a fellow nerd. I have found an awesome blog that embodies my nerdyness exactly. The writer is a Disney/Doctor Who/80s flick freak, I'm pretty sure if we were to meet, we would be bestest friends. The other day she posted a link to Olly Moss who is a silhouette artist. Check out the website, you could spend a good hour just having fun identifying the silhouettes.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Not only would they look great above my staircase, I think it would be a nonchalant way to identify kindred spirits. Some would just say 'oh that looks nice' and others would say 'HOLY CRAP you have a dalek, Rufio, and the loose seal on your wall!!!!!!!!

And that is how you weed out who to take to twizleberry.

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