Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Something I Pinned, and Then Actually Did

Maybe this should be a weekly installment. I, like many others, am crazy addicted to Pinterest it has made recipes/cooking in our house an absolute DREAM. I find lots of other useful things there too. Things to make, things to buy, things to make our daily lives more organized and MUCH easier. I 'installed one such thing today, and am very very very happy with the results.

The original inspiration:

My in-home predicament:

New and Improved:

Instead of hooks I decided to go w/ a magnet. I purchased the magnetic knife rack ($14.99) and the metal-handled measuring cups ($3.99 & $2.99) from IKEA. The knife rack actually came with attachments that needed to be screwed into the backing, but I'm never a fan of making permanent changes like that. My new best friends 3M Command Strips did the job just fine :)

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