Thursday, November 17, 2011

D-Land Delayed

So we went to Disneyland October 20-23. Don't know why it's taken me so long to post, but here are a few pictures.
*warning-we went by ourselves so get ready for a heavy onslaught of self portraits :)

After a very, very long drive we finally made it! Even the entrance was decked-out

Best. Meal. Ever! First thing we did was share an order of fried chicken at the Plaza Inn. It was the BEST fried chicken I have ever tasted and the portions were huge! This filled us both up. We need to share meals more in the future, if we each eat only 1/2 a meal, then we have to eat 2x as often, which means we get to try even more amazing things :)

Lots of Halloween decorations, this is the hearse in front of the Haunted Mansion

Big Thunder Ranch had dozens of hand-carved pumpkins and the artists were so talented. Here are just a few

Another new taste sensation, cream cheese filled pretzel. It was a yummy salty pretzel on the outside with cream cheese leaning dangerously close to frosting on the inside

Haunted Mansion Holiday is one of my favorite rides. Even though it's super dark, I just had to get a photo of Scary Teddy, he is SO cute! (don't worry my flash was off, no fellow riders were disturbed in the taking of this picture)

Dalan found a great John Lasseter shirt, but it was $74. Maybe next time Mr.

Halloween tree: inspired by Ray Bradbury

Dalan getting creative with dinner. We decided to save money, we could only eat one meal @ the park each day (hence another great reason for sharing and getting to eat twice). Our hotel had a fridge so I made some breadsticks, spaghetti, burritos, muffins, etc before-hand. We just forgot our can opener for the sauce, oops!

At the train station waiting for the LillyBelle. It's a special car, the caboose on one of the regular railroad cars, named for Walt's wife. You go on a trip around the whole park and get an exclusive conductor who tells you some of the history of the Disneyland Railroad as well as the Disney family.

Dalan was so excited to get his ticket

Verne, our conductor. He was basically awesome.

Us inside the car

Outside of the LillyBelle

At the castle

Messing around with a new HDR app

We spent awhile at the Wishing Well to get away from the crowds

Court of Angels in New Orleans Square. On our first day it was decorated for Halloween and on our second day they pulled out the Christmas decor

Dapper Dans performance at the Main Street Fire Station. They sang a rendition of This Is Halloween, it was great! They are so talented. Their full-time grown-up job is to sing in a barbershop quartet at Disneyland

Sourdough soup bowl @ the Pacific Wharf. Not my favorite. I didn't get a picture, but the loaded baked potato soup at the Carnation Cafe is to die for!

Waiting for Aladdin. Such a fun show, I highly recommend it :)


Dalan was a good sport and went on It's a Small World with me. I just really, really wanted to see Stitch!

Haunted Mansion Holiday

Quick FYI I spent forever curling my hair in the morning, and this is what was left after only 2 hours

My most favoritest ride ever, The Jungle Cruise! One day I will be a skipper, just you wait.

Tasty roast beef sandwich from Carnation Cafe. The bowl at the top of the picture was the loaded baked potato soup you've already heard about

Flower Mickey in his Superhero Halloween costume

Someone who was surprisingly happy to see us when we got home

Next Disney Escapade in exactly 30 days. Woo!

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