Friday, October 26, 2012

Morning Routine: Schnauzer Edition

On days when I'm not in a rush, the schnauzers and I have a wake-up routine. First thing is Tobey will crawl up close and snuggle with me

She will stare at me with her big brown eyes as I pet her. She can be pretty darn cute sometimes. This will usually last for 10 minutes.

By this time, Scout (a ridiculously heavy sleeper), is just starting to become coherent. She will roll her massive body over, and slowly army crawl her way up the bed. When she gets to Tobey, she doesn't change course, she just goes right over the top of her. Tobey will get offended by this, sneeze a few times and march down to the foot of the bed to pout. Scout continues her awkward army crawl until she is right in my face (and usually positioned in the absolutely most uncomfortable place for me, like with her pointy schnauzer knees in my pregnant belly). Scout will then 'nudge' my hands/arms so I will pet her. I'm not sure if nudge is the appropriate word though, one time one of these "nudges" was so forceful, I ended up throwing my iPad on the ground.

My poor highly allergic doggy likes to have her ears and head scratched. If one hand disengages for even a second (say to read an email on your phone), Scout will run, jump, and belly flop on face so you can't possibly focus on anything but her.

After 5ish minutes Tobey decides it's her turn again and will back up to my face so I will scratch her 'bum' (it's actually on her back right above her tail). I thought about sharing a picture, but a face full of schnauzer butt is something Tobey does special for me :). Tobey will growl at me while I'm scratching her (no idea why), which makes Scout think its time to play. Then there is an entire UFC fight going on somewhere by my knees while I'm trying to work, or email, or blog from my bed.

And that is my schnauzer filled morning. Not really sure how they will feel about life next week when Dude drastically upsets their schedule.

On a side note, apparently I type 'the schnauzers' often enough that my iPad has decided to remember and store it. It kinda sounds like a band name or something.

On a second side note, there are about 8 million things going on right now that I probably should have blogged about instead, but I think I will just ignore all of our life changes and watch Alias in my pajamas today.

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