Friday, February 22, 2013

Couch Therapy of the Retail Variety

After an extremely fussy and teething baby about sent me to the looney bin this week, Husband kicked me out of the house last night and sent me shopping. I decided to go to IKEA since our new apartment is still feeling pretty bare. Some throw pillows caught my eye and I went a little bat-crap crazy.

I'm kind of loving all of the different patterns. This is actually the first time EVER I have bought throw pillows, normally I get hand-me-downs. It was pretty fun and a super cheap way to get some retail therapy.

AND turns out I grabbed one too many covers, and you know at IKEA, there is no way you're going all the way back to put it away. So one lucky commenter will receive the swirly pillow cover (second from the left in the image).

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