Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Quick Update, with Photos :)

I've been avoiding blogging since I've gotten so far behind. Both of my boys are napping right now, so I decided to do a quick catch up based on the photos on my phone :)

We tried some droissants (for the record, delish)
 photo IMG_3314_sized_zps4573177e.jpg

Rory finally realized rolling means he can get new places
 photo IMG_3324_sized_zps37f942cb.jpg

Granny (Dalan's Mom) came to visit, so we put on our tourist shoes!

Ferry to Bainbridge Island
 photo IMG_3334_sized_zps041f1559.jpg
 photo IMG_3332_sized_zps850e4bc9.jpg
 photo IMG_3336_sized_zpsc2f06101.jpg

Some neat sites around the island
 photo IMG_3340_sized_zpsca5f00d0.jpg
 photo IMG_3342_sized_zps945e3aac.jpg
 photo IMG_3355_sized_zps40b22971.jpg
 photo IMG_3357_sized_zpsdc8a2677.jpg
 photo IMG_3354_sized_zpsfccecb30.jpg
 photo IMG_3353_sized_zps8e8a4359.jpg

Took Granny to XXX Rootbeer
 photo IMG_3359_sized_zps0d9027f3.jpg

We went swimming, a lot
 photo IMG_3368_sized_zps80b2e363.jpg

I took an obligatory Super Moon photo from my car (don't worry, I parked it first!)
 photo IMG_3373_sized_zpsa97d2351.jpg

The next week Meg and Steve came to visit, so we went sightseeing again
 photo IMG_3375_sized_zps2fa90ba0.jpg

Gum Wall at Pike Place Market
 photo IMG_3386_sized_zpsfa5c2915.jpg

 photo IMG_3376_sized_zpsfeb1bde6.jpg
 photo IMG_3385_sized_zps0ddb89b2.jpg
 photo IMG_3378_sized_zpsafa2de55.jpg

We visited Remlinger Farms (posted previously thanks to Blog Press for iPhone)

Rory's hair is started to get out of control
 photo IMG_3417_sized_zps05c71b4f.jpg

We took a Sunday walk through the Bellevue Botanical Gardens
 photo IMG_3421_sized_zps33808aa6.jpg

Rory started growing out of even more of his clothes
 photo IMG_3445_sized_zps63835e3b.jpg

I entered a photo contest.
 photo IMG_3480_sized_zpsc8c22081.jpg
The winners were supposed to be on display at an art gallery, turns out they just showed all entries on digital picture frames and never choose a winner. (lame)
 photo IMG_3495_sized_zps5c3420a1.jpg

We met up with my Grandparents, Aunt, and Cousin at Point Defiance Zoo
 photo IMG_3524_sized_zps440d3f41.jpg
 photo IMG_3520_sized_zpscfa148c3.png
 photo IMG_3517_sized_zpsa2d999e9.png

Rory wished his Nuckle Bud a Happy 24th Birthday!
 photo IMG_3536_sized_zpscc74fd2c.jpg

In other news:
  • I've joined a volunteer Marketing committee for the Cougar Mountain Zoo. I've been doing some graphic design stuff for them. That seems to be where most of my blogging time has gone.
  • We got family photos taken (hopefully I'll post the pictures next week).
  • Rory had his 9-month appointment, he is 85th for height, 55th for weight, and 50th for head.
AND we are moving. We kind of knew this was coming for awhile, but we were planning on staying pretty close to where we are now. While looking for an affordable place, we stumbled across a house for rent that is basically perfect. The only problem is, Dalan will have a 40 minute and a 60 minute (he is now working in 2 plants) commute. We've decided that the plus of having a yard, large garage, and living in a small farm town of less than 5,000 people is totally worth it though!

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