Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I read the other day that there is only so much pigment in your hair, and once you use it all up its gone. This makes sense as I think back to my youth when my hair would grow annoyingly fast. Even today its faster than average. I've been able to donate it 3 times in the last 4 years. But wouldn't that be great if there was a slow down button. If I could say, "okay, I would rather not be going gray @ age 22, how about we slow the process a little, and save what pigment is left." Sadly that is not an option. This made me think about other capacities, mainly my brain, and what happens once I use up all of the available storage space there. Is there a purge button that I can get rid of all of the useless information (like my best friends phone # from 4th grade, or the SKU for a graduation tassel) to make extra room for new information. Or like my gray hair am I destined to get old ridiculously young, sit on my front porch (if I had one) and yell at the young children for being too loud, when really I'm just jealous of all the pigment left in their hair.

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