Monday, December 1, 2008

Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very-Bad Day

Remember that book from around 2nd grade that I'm sure we all read.  The poor kid has everything that could possibly go wrong in one day go wrong.  I've now experienced one of those where I can't catch a break.  The last 24 hours have been an absolute joke.  It started last night when I found out I had accidentally deleted one of my memory cards that had 5 pictures for my final on it.  After realizing there was no getting them back I had to search all of my old photos from this semester and try to bs some of them to work for the project.  After I found some that would work ok I uploaded them to Sam's Club website to order the prints.  After they were all uploaded I got an error message saying that they were all sized wrong and had to be cropped on their website.  I couldn't just resize the picture I actually had to take substance off of everyone.  I've already spent hours on these making them exactly right and the right size, so now I have to cut off my hard work and they don't look right anymore.  This morning I woke up late, ran into work, and got chewed out, all before I had even turned on my computer.  I had a million problems to deal with @ work and in the middle of a near nervous breakdown the boss calls asking for a report, that I forgot to do.  Don't worry though when I go to get the info for the report I found out that 3 of my computers are fried, no idea what happened, or how to fix it.  Then I find out that an update didn't go through last week and we are 3 days behind.  I took a lunch and went to pick up my pictures from Sam's when I find out they are out of chemical, and my pictures aren't even ready.  This is really frustrating because I did them early so I would have a few hours to fix any problems.  So I go back to work and get to deal with all of the same stuff again.  After work I went back to get my pictures, and they were done.  I had 21 prints, and one of them was huge, that was the only one I was worried about, because its pretty hard to screw up a 4x6.  I checked out the big picture and it looked fine, I stopped @ WalMart on the way home to buy a frame to house the huge picture because chances are with my day its going to get ruined somehow.  The lady couldn't find a barcode and ended up getting out her keys to un-wrap part of it so she could scan it.  Once I got home I opened up all of my pictures and found out every 4x6 is horribly underexposed.  Not one is even close to what it should be.  Being extremely frustrated I pull out the large picture to frame it because that will make me feel better right? Well when Walmart lady tried to break into the package with her keys she actually scratched a huge portion of the glass on the frame.  So now I have to go return that.  Oh did I mention I found out as I was leaving work that I have to work tomorrow night?  So that means no time to re-do my pictures, or purchase a decent frame.  Great.


Hannah said...

Oh my. That is not good. I did not know. Not to mention that it was crazy busy at work today. :(

meg said...

Oh.My.Gosh. I would have punched someone. That is seriously so ridiculous.

P.S. I love the one you did for "unfamiliar." Hilarious. And the "time" one was super clever.

Ash Hilton said...

Dalan literally had to drag me out of Sam's Club for the safety of the poor photo tech working there.