Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sacrilege Causes Chuckle

Yesterday morning I cam upon a particular advertisement on my facebook page. The text reads as follows:

August 2009 Mission Trip
The World Race
11 countries in 11 months: Israel, Ireland, Egypt, Thailand, Uganda.
Feed orphans, heal the blind, give hope to prostitutes. Be Christ.

Although I did have a good hearty chuckle after reading the surprising punch line, I found I did feel prompted to click on this advertisement. Not because of any hidden ambitions to be give hope to prostitutes, but more-so because I was curious what type of company would advertise this way, and if it was a large and respected company did they have any idea what their facebook advertising said?


Rachel said...

so who was the company? also, when are you coming to Rexburg, will it be soon?

Ash Hilton said...

I forgot to write down the name of the company, I think it was something like The World Race though.

I was supposed to be coming to Rexburg the end of March, but now they are saying maybe the end of May, maybe June....... its kind of frustrating because I have to go there to get trained on something I have to implement 1st of July and no one else knows how to do it.