Monday, March 23, 2009

The Human Aspiring Schnauzer

I know most dogs think they are human, but mine does so much that it is kinda creepy.  I vow to one day get on video her walking around the entire kitchen on her back legs.  She even cleans up after Dalan, which is nice.  Every time he leaves a kitchen cabinet open Tobey follows and shuts it.  It is also possible she is actually trying to look in the cabinet and happens to put her weight on it, but we'll give her the benefit of the doubt.  
This weekend we were over at the Morrill's and so far Tobey is not impressed with the boyfriend we have picked out.  Lemmy doesn't take it too hard though, he knows his PIMP-ness will win out in the end.  While trying to keep Tobey entertained so she would stop attacking Lemmy, Dalan hooked a G.I. Joe kite to her collar.  Tobey sat there so chill for the first time of the night, and just radiated Chuck Norris.  

Thats right, my dog can fly a kite.  It is so much cooler than your dog

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