Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mediocrity at it's finest

Earlier this weekend, as I sat enjoying my orange cream yogurt and kroger-brand granola, I saw my husband preparing his eggos (note: There are many different ways to top an eggo, my current preference is sugar-free strawberry preserves). Dalan apparently prefers his eggos topped with peanut butter, and then nutella, and then syrup. I sat with my jaw wide open and partially chewed granola waiting in my mouth (don't worry, it's not gross, partially chewed granola looks the exact same as un-chewed granola), staring in awe and jealousy at his much superior breakfast. With a wake-up like that, his day had to have rocked! I however, only had mediocrity to look forward to.

And that is my current bloggers block, I keep postponing posting, hoping that something noteworthy will happen. As much as I would like a peanut butter, nutella, syrup kind of existence, it looks like we are stuck with yogurt and granola.

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