Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dalan and I had a great Saturday, first we went and browsed at Hastings. I found some noteworthy reading material.

We found a few DVDs to rent, one of which was MegaMind. We decided we might as well make the rest of the evening immature.

We went to Twizlberry first (because dessert first is awesome!) we got some extra yummy fro-yo.

Then we came home and made some pizza. We pretty much threw everything in the fridge on top, including bacon (which made it extra greasy and pretty gross).

While the pizza was cooking we built a blanket fort in the basement. It was pretty sweet! Sadly, I have no pictures. We ate our pizza and watched our movie in the fort. Apparently the fort upset Scout. She jumped on the blankets, tried to pull it down, and then peed on it (hence the lack of pictures).

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