Sunday, March 13, 2011

When we remodeled our front room last year it was always planned to add crown molding. It's been almost a year now, and we finally decided to finish it.

Our almost finished front room.

Scout is absolutely TERRIFIED of the air compressor. She scrambled up my leg and made me hold her while trying to hide.

Dalan had an interesting solution to reaching the ceiling over the stairway, I about had a heart-attack.

First wall installed.

On a side note, holy crap it sucked. Apparently molding comes in different angles, and Lowes didn't feel a need to advertise what the angles were. We ended up installing and pulling down at least five 8 foot lengths trying to get it right, but we ended up buying a jig that made a world of difference. No finished images yet, we still haven't finished caulking. Last things we have to do are touch up a ding in the hardwood and paint the exterior door, and then we can call our front room finished!

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