Saturday, July 30, 2011

August Menu

As I'm sure my Pinterest peeps have noticed, I've completed our menu for August. A few changes that I have made from last month are:

-Trying to add more veggies, either in the entree, or as a side dish.
-Made a shopping list for each week at the same time I created the monthly menu (FYI, this was NOT a good decision, making a shopping list as we go is much better).
-Cut back on # of eat out nights. I figure we will still keep it to once a week, but this way it can be as circumstance dictates and not how the schedule dictates.
-Cooking smaller quantities and schedule less leftovers, we weren't eating them anyway.
-Organizing ALL of my upcoming recipes on Pinterest, that way Dalan can look it up on his iPad and start dinner before I get home.

Here is our August Menu:

I'm pretty proud of us sticking to it for this long, lets see how month 3 goes down.

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