Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weekend Project

I first saw this project on Pinterest. I showed my usually skeptical husband, and surprisingly he was all for it. Not only did he jump on board, he knocked me down as he scrambled to take the helm :)

We went to the hardware store and bought 1 sheet of 4'x8' plywood and four-eight foot 2"x4"s. Dalan then got to buy a new toy because his table saw 'wouldn't work' to cut the plywood. I think he is just making stuff up to get more tools. So, Dalan bought a new circular saw, and we got started.

Step one: safety first!

Step 2: using our new circular saw and some sawhorses, Dalan cut the plywood into 4" strips.

Step 3: mark out 'center ' on each strip and attach the 2x4 with screws, so it is now a T.

And apparently i missed some pictures, I guess i was too busy making dinner.

Step 4: attach the T plywood side up to joists in the garage ceiling. Dalan first attached it loosely so he could verify that it was straight.

Now more missing pictures, I got distracted by our other project.

We then attached another 2x4 to the bottom, now making an I shape. We had pre-measured each sized tote that we used and our tracks needed to be 17.75" and 16.25" apart.

A big goal for this storage was to get our Christmas tree out of it's ratty box, but we could find a tote big enough for under $80, we found one that was 'pretty close' so Dalan improvised.

And here it is all finished.

I think we ended up spending about $50 in materials. TaDa!

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