Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh Scoutles

My extra special schnauzer has a knack for getting into things. We have a pair of carribeaners usually blocking her access under the sink. Sadly, I forgot to check it before I left for work this morning:

She will usually leave all of the other cupboards alone, but this must have been so much fun, she decided to invite the Tupperware to the party too:

Her most recent feat is somehow wiggling her fat body under our bed. I still have no idea how she fits. Once she gets under there she just stares at the backside of the bed skirt. She won't come out from her hidey-hole and I usually have crawl under the bed to drag her royal fatness out. This is already slightly problematic (and largely hilarious I'm sure) at 5-months pregnant. Not too much longer until I just leave her under there for good.

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Jim and Britanie Miller said...

Funny dog! Hey congrats on the baby, we are way excited for you guys. You will be such fun parents! Maybe we will get to see you soon? Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

Ash said...

Thanks! We are excited for you guys to be back for awhile. Hopefully we get to see you very soon!