Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bedding Upgrade

About a year ago we finally conceded that two adults and two schnauzers was way too much to fit into a full-sized bed. We bought a queen mattress and frame and grabbed the cheapest comforter they had at Smith's to get us by, until I found the perfect bedding. Perfect bedding took a whole lot longer than originally planned and our clearance comforter mixed with our pillows from our old bed set we looking extremely sad. (Isn't it great how the comforter is the exact same color as the walls?!)

Apparently old nasty blanket is Scout approved.

I found tons of bedding I loved, but all of it was white, which just wasn't going to work with black dogs. Finally (more than a year later) I found a set from Macy's that Dalan and I could both agree on, and it arrived today!

It also came with two additional shams in a pillow shape I didn't even know existed, so we're not quite finished yet, but it feels so nice to have something new and pretty in my bedroom!
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