Monday, January 21, 2013

Mary Blair Mural

I became absolutely obsessed with a set of Mary Blair postcards on a recent trip to Disneyland in March, but decided not to buy them since I couldn't think of a practical use for them. After I got home, I realized that I could hang them on the wall in our baby's nursery (until the ultrasound tech told us otherwise, we were convinced Rory was a girl). So I couldn't wait until our next trip in May so I could pick them up. Sadly, they were no longer available and I was devastated. Randomly, on our trip in June, I was looking at all of the window displays in the Hollywood Backlot and saw a set in the back corner of a window display! A few minutes and a very helpful cast member later, I was the proud owner of a set of 14 Mary Blair art postcards. A few weeks later, we found out Rory was a boy, and the postcards went into the back of the closet.

SO, long story short, I just came across the postcards while unpacking, and decided to make a mural to go above our computer desk. I've just scotch-taped them together on the back for now, but I'll do something a little more permanent once I give it a trial run.
 photo photo-5_sized_zpscab21db0.jpg
I also bought a whole lotta boxes from IKEA this weekend.  photo photo-4_sized_zpsc3d26070.jpg
I had an adorable helper, who was very chill for his first shopping trip.  photo photo-6_sized_zpsd7165e02.jpg

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