Saturday, March 14, 2009


You know those books that even though you've read them at least 15 times, and can quote it's entirety from page to page, but still enjoy reading over and over again? I love those books. Not wanting to go to the library because of an overdue charge (gasp) I reorganized my small library at home and found some of my dear old friends that I couldn't wait to get acquainted with again. Here is a list of my absolute favorites.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
The Chronicles of Narnia
A Train to Potevka
Anne of Green Gables
The Golden Compass
A Wrinkle in Time
Many Waters
The Last Silk Dress
Four Perfect Pebbles
Brighty of the Grand Canyon

I absolutely recommend any of these books whole-heartedly! Each of mine are now so worn they are falling apart, I actually have backups of a few of them for the day that they finally disintegrate. My husband thinks I'm absolutely hopeless and senile, but I beg to differ, I hope a few of you feel the same way about your favorites :)


Rachel said...

so, I have heard the golden compass is a little sacreligious? is this true? did you ever see the movie? i heard they were written to kind of go against the chronicles of narnia?

Ash Hilton said...

I think what all the issues were about that book is that the "evil" in it comes from the magistrate, which the closest thing in reality is the Catholic church. I know that many people were offended by that, which makes total sense, but the actions of the magistrate are completely corrupted, and nowhere near the actions of the Catholic church. Its funny because I've been reading this book regularly since I was 12, and just recently people started freaking out about it because of the movie, even though its been around for more than a decade. I feel like its a fictional book, which happens to be written by an atheist and people overreacted to it.