Monday, September 27, 2010

Bio Bay

So we are leaving for Puerto Rico in just 60 days! It to FOREVER to get here. Especially since I started looking for plane tickets back in January. There are a lot of things I'm excited for, our cruise has so many different excursions, but I just can't pick! The thing I think I'm the most stoked for right now though is kayaking through the Bioluminescent Bay in Fajardo. The water seriously glows in the dark!

Its filled with billions of tiny micro-organisms that glow like fireflies when the water is disturbed.

In other news my brother comes home in 29 days! Wow, the last few weeks have flown by. I'm sorry if I'm a little giddy the next time you see me. I know its completely out of character, but I have some awesome stuff coming up!


Lauren & Brandon said...

Really?? Where? What house?

Anonymous said...

My grandma's house. Its on 700 East.