Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Too much time

With Husband back in school, I need to find worthwhile things to occupy my time.
Like this:


Anyone who can think of a game where you launch birds into pig fortresses is an absolute genius.
Now that I've beat Angry Birds, its time to move on. To this:

I think its time well spent.


Lauren & Brandon said...

Ash! I just found your blog! Didn't even know you had one! Looks like you and the hubster are happy!

lacy.lynn said...

robot unicorn attack!

thus was the start of my "Always" obsession.

Anonymous said...

Lacy, I waited patiently for 5 whole days for your comment! I guess now I can finally write a new post.

lacy.lynn said...

ha! also, conan o'brien plays angry birds. i thought you should know.