Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It may sound like an overstatement, but I am absolutely in love with this machine.

I'm just on day 1 with it, but I ran for 65 minutes straight and I feel awesome. Going about 15 minutes on a treadmill makes me pray for a serious injury so I can go to the hospital instead of run.

This is the embarrassing post where I put some actuals (gasp) out there so I'm accountable for some results. I weighed myself about 3 weeks ago and came in @ 128. I started a eat healthier/work out program 1 week ago. I now weigh 126. My goal is to be somewhere between 115 and 120 in 2 months. I also want to be more muscular through the leg, buttock, and tummy areas.

So, this is how I'm going to do it:

1. Work out @ least 5 days a week. The Fieldhouse is about 10 feet from my office, so going right after work isn't a problem. I've got the Netflix app on my iPod now so I can watch shows while I'm working out. (The music thing just doesn't do it for me).

2. Eat healthier. I'm not going to call this 'diet' or say that I'm cutting anything out completely. I just end up frustrated and binging when I try too hard. I'm planning a weekly menu every Saturday (hopefully based around our Bountiful Basket). I'm not counting calories, but just trying to limit how many times we eat out (this makes our bank accounts happy too).

3. Drink lots of water. This is sooooo hard for me. Water tastes metallic and I have a hard time swallowing it. I've got my pink lemonade mix-ins and I'm going to increase this intake gradually. Right now I'm at about 40oz without trying. I'm going to try and be to 64oz in 2 weeks. The more water I drink, the less room I have for diet coke.

4. Pack healthy snacks. I usually just eat food because its there. Leaving a cluster of grapes or a handful of bran crackers on my desk keeps my mind away from all of the yummy peanut butter m&ms that are just a few steps away.

Well, there you have it. Probably more information than you ever needed to know about me, but I really want some results this time!

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