Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Anyone have sweet circus hookups?

We took a trip with the Morrills to St. George this weekend. We went hiking in Snow Canyon (pretty pictures coming later), and once the weather turned nasty we ended up driving around looking for homes that we could never afford. In one such home we met this man This beauty was from a Deseret News article published in 1978. Don't worry, he still has the same beard. Apparently he was a magician with Ringley's 30 years ago. After meeting Jack Hart I've realized how mediocre my life is, this guy started in Cache Valley, joined the circus, was the advertiser for Ringley's, Disney on Ice, and Monster Truck Ralley. Now he spends his time showing million dollar homes that he sells with his 2 brothers. I have found my new life goal, first I just need to discover my hidden juggling/tight-rope walking/contortionist skills and away we go.

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