Tuesday, March 23, 2010

S.O.S. (Save Our ..... Creative word that starts with an 'S')

I need some serious help. My front room is somewhat of a disaster. (Please ignore my photography mess).

The paint job doesn't look too bad, from a distance. Now that Dalan and I have actually taken the time to deep-clean that room we've noticed everything wrong with it (including all of the lovely paint on the ceiling, apparently the previous owners did not feel like using tape, and also the 1/4" nails that are sticking out from the chair-rail). We are up for a change, any change.

Drapes are also a must.
This is the area directly across from the front room, it is in desperate need also, I don't know whether I should match it, or make it it's own space.

The awesome green of my couches. I would have had a wall color picked out long ago, I just can't seem to match these bad-boys.
I only have 2 conditions:
1. The green couches stay.
2. I REFUSE to paint the walls tan. I've seen way to many speck homes with tan walls, and I am SO BORED by them.

I would love to hear any suggestions!


meg said...

This sick part is, I actually really enjoyed doing these....



Sabrina said...

I'm so ready to help you! I've been designing/decorating my home recently so it's all fresh in my mind.

I went to the Paint section in Smith's Marketplace and grabbed their free brochures/magazines for color inspiration.

They also have "Colors That Flow" cards so you might could find the green of your couches and see what other colors flow well with it.

And, grab their "Inspiration" cards if you want a specific theme in your room like travel/nature/art. Either way, it will give you ideas to decorate or paint based on things you like or already have.

You could check their website (http://dutchboy.com/gallery/) or I like to browse through the Better Homes & Garden website for creative ideas (http://www.bhg.com/decorating/).

The trim on your walls are more commonly used in staircase areas but if you like it...try painting it a more neutral color or a lighter shade then your wall color.

The window area is really beautiful; my sister's home is exactly like that and her draped sheer curtains look really nice; adds something to the corner without adding too much. Bed Bath & Beyond has a great selection of curtains/drapes.

And as for the space across from the front room (staircase): if it were me I would use a color that flowed with the living room but I would make the space bright and creative.

Like painting a diamond pattern or Rag Rolling (glaze technique in Faux painting) or simply one big piece of framed art.

But I would definitely define the space by painting it a different color then the living room.

A couple of other things: throw pillows on the couches help create an overall style to the room. Don't be afraid to mix and match colors or textures or styles. As long as the colors flow.

And having other furniture like a coffee table would balance the room. And plants are a way of warming up the atmosphere so people are comfortable staying in the room.

Hope that helps!

P.S. Your floor lamps are very "modern" in style...more traditional-looking lighting would go better with your wood floor and dark-toned banister.