Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crafternoon Prep

My sewing machine and I bonded tonight. I was able to make a ruffle shirt. As always I decided to just wing it instead of follow the instructions, but I don't think it turned out too poorly.
I started out w/ 2 Tshirts (I got them @ Down East for $5). I cut the sleeves off one (I basically couldn't bring myself to cut up a perfectly good shirt, but the ruffles would have worked a lot better if I had used the back of the shirt instead of the sleeves).
I then cut 2" strips. I was planning on this shirt having 5 ruffles, but with 2" strips I was only able to fit 3.
Then I sewed one line down the center of each strip, using the longest stitch available. Pull 1 of the 2 threads tight and work towards the center of the strip.
My hubby borrowed the camera at this point, but I then pinned each strip to the shirt and sewed, going over the loose stitch with a regular one.
Things I learned
The ruffles need to start out double as long as you want them in the end.
Be careful when using the reverse stitch, with the stretchy fabric the sewing machine can get stuck on one spot and cause holes etc.
This shirt looked a lot better on the tiny Asian chick in the tutorial.
This pattern isn't the best if you're busty.

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