Monday, June 3, 2013

7 Whole Months!

Rorasaurus is now 7 months (and 2 days) old! I meant to do a post like this for 6 months, but time got away from me. Here are a few things about Rory:

Rory is so much fun! He is one of the most content and happy babies ever, which is such a blessing considering we have a few problems we have to deal with.
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Rory has had acid reflux since he was 4 months old, and for a few weeks it was a nightmare. He could not stand to be on his tummy, and so he fell behind on some of his developmental milestones. He is starting to slowly get over it now, and he is on some medication that really seems to help. So I think we are going to be catching up really soon.

Rory also has torticollis, which literally means 'twisted neck' something to do with how Rory was positioned in the womb has left his neck tilted at a 45 degree angle to the left. 
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It wasn't really noticeable before he could sit up, but now with gravity's help it seems like it is becoming a problem. Rory attends physical therapy every week to work on strengthening his neck muscles, as well as on other motor skills that he has fallen behind on.

His head was very flat when he was about 3 months old, and it has improved a lot now. Part of that is probably thanks to the fact that he couldn't be on the floor at all for 6 weeks when his reflux was so uncomfortable. We are going to see the cranial-facial specialist today to see if we need to do anything further to correct it.

Even while working through all of these problems, Rory has still been such a sweet and happy baby. We are so grateful that he has been so easy in every other area while we've been trying to improve where he needs extra attention.
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Rory is eating solid foods 2-3 times a day now and absolutely LOVES it. I haven't found anything he wont eat yet, but currently his favorites are avocado, and banana mixed with oatmeal. He has recently decided that meal time is the best time to try and blow raspberries, so we've been getting extra messy.
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Rory is getting much better at sitting up, and can now do so on his own for a few minutes.
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Rory can feed himself his bottle now. He has also decided that chewing on the nipple helps his gums feel better, so sometimes we end up with a mess.
 photo IMG_3089_edit_zpsf35fcb4f.jpg

He is starting to pivot around on his stomach to get around. His acid reflux doesn't seem to bug him much anymore and so tummy time is finally considered playtime, instead of torture around here!
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Rory sleeps through the night, usually from 7:30pm - 6:30am. It is dreamy.

Rory and the dogs are becoming fast friends. They make sure to check his face and hands for extra food and he pulls on their beards to make sure they are still attached.
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Rory absolutely loves bath time and has starting having a cough attack during because he gets so excited he breathes too quickly. He also loves trying to drink the bathwater, which usually has pee in it.

Rory's favorite toy is currently the bag of baby wipes from Costco.

Rory absolutely loves his dad. 
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Rory took his first flight and was such a champ. He threw up during take off and landing, I think it had something to do with getting his shots the day before. 
 photo IMG_2919_sized_zps5060badb.jpg
I had him by myself on the return flight and he was a perfect angel. There was not one thing he could have done better.
We just love our Mister Baby so much and can't imagine what we ever did without him!
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