Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sleep Training - Round Two

Rory has definitely been a professional sleeper. I didn't even have to do anything to get him to sleep through the night, he just decided he was ready (before I was), plus a little help from his acid reflux medication. Naps have been going great for the past 2 months. He usually takes two 2 hour naps and one 1 hour nap every day.

Thats all about to change though.

Due to Rory's size, swaddling him is becoming very problematic. I don't dare leave him in his reflux wedge unswaddled since he can remove the restraints now. It's also become too hot to be swaddled. AND apparently he is feeling just fine and doesn't need to sleep on an incline anymore.

So we just went cold turkey.

I set Rory down, no wedge, no swaddle and was ready to deal with the hours of torture (or at least what felt like hours). But really it wasn't too bad. He's now officially asleep and it only took 30 minutes. He never really cried either, he just talked to himself and played with his feet.

Apparently I need to reposition the video-monitor:

Here's to hoping that he can go at least another hour, and that nighttime might be just as successful.

Wish us luck!

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