Thursday, June 6, 2013

That Moment

I experienced a euphoric moment with Rory yesterday. He was being very, very good. Just entertaining himself and bouncing in his jumperoo. I was hand-washing dishes (since our stupid dishwasher is broken) and looked over at him. He was just so cute and happy, my heart almost burst. I decided to leave the dishes in the sink, and spend some time with my sweet baby instead. I got him up out of his jumperoo and gave him a big bear hug. He actually leaned into and wrapped his arms around me which almost never happens. I breathed in his sweet baby scent and his soft hair tickled my nose. It was basically perfect .....

Until I felt that warm feeling expand to include my front left side and when I set Rory down on my bed I saw that yes indeed I was covered in poop and it was really gross banana poop that gets little black stringys in it and my shirt was white and it was one of my favorite shirts because hey I happen to look really good in it and it took almost an entire bag of wipes to clean up the baby and I thought that just rolling the solid part of it into the toilet would work but then it plugged the toilet and then the toilet started to overflow and I had to do a whole lot of laundry and bathe the baby and somehow poop ended up on the bathroom counter and this was all so traumatic in my head there is no room left to think of proper punctuation when reliving it

You know, that moment.


lacy.lynn said...

i just like you a lot.

meg said...

Oh. Oh my.