Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Increasing my fluff stash

I've used Charlie Banana cloth diapers for Rorasaurus for about 3 months now, and I really like them. I have no complaints, but I also haven't tried anything else. I've needed to increase my fluff stash for awhile, but I've been dragging my feet trying to decide if I should try out a few new types/brands. I even have some diapers saved in an online shopping cart on a few sites, just waiting for that final click. Last Saturday I saw the Ahoy pack of Charlie Bananas at my local Target and fell in love! I put them in my cart and finished my shopping, only to put them back on the shelf at the last moment when I realized I should probably talk to Dalan before dropping $88 bucks.
Last night we were at Target (again) and I found myself browsing the baby section while Dalan was talking with an employee about a video game console. I admired the cloth diapers as usual, and noticed a big red clearance sticker on them. In fact ALL Charlie Banana products were around 50% off! I ended up buying the Ahoy pack, the Pastel pack, and this adorable Construction diaper. Total I ended up with 13 diapers and 26 inserts and I spent just over $100 after tax.

 photo CharlieBananaonClearanceatTarget_zpscc396f70.jpg
(inserts not pictured, schnauzer is a busy-body)

You should totally go check out your local Target and see if they are offering the same deal. It looks like everything is still regularly priced online, so I imagine they are just pulling from the brick-and-mortar shelves. Although we currently only use cloth 60%-70% of the time right now, I am a big fan! No with a total stash of 19 diapers, I want to try and use cloth closer to 90%.

On a related note, anyone know where I can get a cute wet bag that can hold 15ish diapers? I want a solid color like red, blue, or gray. Everything I've found in those colors will only hold about 6.

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